Saturday, 6 December 2014

ADVENT CALENDAR: Dec 6th - Kula Shaker - 'Snowflake'

You don't expect this sort of thing from the unfairly ridiculed "Indian indie" band Kula Shaker. A raucous bit of rock n roll fun for the festive season, the brilliant 'Snowflake' was released as a single via the band's website back in 2010. A free download, in fact. So if you go HERE, you can still get hold of this for nothing, as well as their cover of 'Christmas Time (Is Here Again)', originally a rather odd Christmas track from The Beatles. 

In case anyone is wondering, the name Kula Shaker was inspired by King Kulasekhara, an Indian emperor from the 8th century. Even though they had their run of success in the mid 90's and split in 1999, the band reformed in 2004 and have released two albums since. The most recent one (2010's 'Pilgrim's Progress' was particularly brilliant. Since then, frontman Crispian Mills directed a badly received movie and the other band members have been busy on other projects... But I want a fifth album. HEAR ME CRISPIAN???

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