Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Track Of The Day: The Fall - Loadstones

For those who aren't aware, Mark E Smith formed The Fall in 1976 and about 66 different members are said to have played in his band over the years, a lot of them exiting the group due to conflicts with the notorious frontman. However this particular line up of the band has now recorded its fourth album together, a kind of stability never seen before within these ranks. 'Re-Mit' is the band's 30th album overall. Closing the LP, the fantastic 'Loadstones' has a punishing, no nonsense hook that doesn't take long to bury itself in to your mind. Again it demonstrates why this particular line up of The Fall has lasted longer than any other, and how they have developed as a musical unit. 

It's hard as nails, yet none of this LP seems to be in the same thrashy, metal vein as 'Ersatz GB', instead we are presented with clearer production and a style that is livelier and more melodic in places. It revisits The Fall's past brilliantly while continuing to push things forward in an uncompromising and challenging fashion. Forever destined to divide opinion, if you don't like The Fall, it will make you dislike them even more. If you are a fan, chances are 'Re-Mit' will not disappoint. Read my full album review HERE.

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