Wednesday, 23 January 2013

REVIEW: The Courteeners - Anna

'Anna', the third full length from The Courteeners features some impressive indie pop. Problem is, all the good stuff seems to be at the start and end of the record.

Opener 'Are You In Love With A Notion' is exactly how this sort of thing should be done, complete with an addictive singalong chorus, while the single 'Lose Control' provides a tasty slice of moody indie disco. The last couple of tracks are also pleasing; the glam stomp of 'Money' could be a single, and closer 'Here Come The Young Men' bears some pleasing Vaccines-like riffs. But apart from the catchy 'Sharks Are Circling', most of what you'll hear in between these bookends is quite underwhelming. It's not THAT bad, just a bit unoriginal and sometimes forgettable. Too much emphasis on cheesy synth hooks, and a few tracks that sound too generic to stand out in any way.

Parts of 'Push Yourself' and 'When You Want Something You Can't Have' almost sound like the work of a Coldplay tribute band, while 'Welcome To The Rave' is also too heavy on the tacky synths, sounding a bit like James's classic 'Tomorrow' being played by Razorlight. 'Save Rosemary In Time' isn't quite as dreadful as its title, but it's typical filler and a prime example of what's wrong with this album. I'll give this a 2.5 out of 5, although without the two quality standout tracks, it would have been a 2.

Written by Ben P Scott for God Is In The TV

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