Friday, 18 January 2013

LISTEN TO: 2 new tracks from Black Reindeer (Stephen Jones, ex Babybird)

You'll have probably seen quite a lot of new music from former Babybird legend Stephen Jones on these pages recently. That is because the man has been very busy recording and releasing a wealth of brilliant new music. In October of 2012 Jones announced the immediate release of the first Black Reindeer album 'Music For The Film That Never Got Made', quickly followed by the second 'Real Life Is Overrated' in December. You can hear these in full and download them on Bandcamp.

On his Twitter page (which is a must-follow if you also like dark, twisted surreal humour) Jones has been talking about recording a third Black Reindeer album, and now he has unveiled two new tracks destined for inclusion on the forthcoming record. The songs are 'The Walk To The House Where It Happened' and 'As She Dies She Finally Learns How To Speak', which comes complete with a most unusual video that documents the actual death of Stephen's pet godfish. You certainly didn't get that with 'You're Gorgeous'...

These two tragically beautiful tunes can be heard below.

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