Sunday, 4 November 2012

NEWS: Ex Babybird man Stephen Jones releases new album as Black Reindeer - LISTEN

Exciting news for fans of Stephen Jones. The ex Babybird man has been busy working on new music, and now these new recordings have finally seen the light of day. Jones's new project is called Black Reindeer and the album 'Music For The Film That Never Got Made' was released as a download on October 28th. 

You can listen to the album and purchase it via the media player below.

As the creative force behind Babybird, Stephen sold over two million records, and scored eight UK Top 40 hit singles. The new album is his first material since putting an end to Babybird earlier this year following their final album.

16 tracks long, Stephen plays everything on the record and describing it says: "Tired of world weary vocals BLACK REINDEER is a breather. 16 breaths of mildly polluted air. Recorded by a man with one ear damaged, these mixes reflect a musician cursed by music. Imagine a dinner party and the background doesn't quite fit in".

On his Twitter feed (HERE) Jones said “I am so fucking excited about this new album my toes have grown arseholes because I’m going to shit my socks off", and has described the album as: "bland-fucking, unconventional music, where the only pigeons in this aural hole are dead”, “This will be the ultimate psycho delic chill out album – part monstrous part opium – glorious and refreshing". 

In addition to the new album, Jones has also released 'The Bad Book Soundtrack', a previously unreleased 18 minute musical accompaniment to his first novel. Fansite The Bad Pages says: "Stephen is generously flooding his Bandcamp shop with old harder-to-find lofi material right now, and tonight’s catch is nothing but amazing, though not completely unheard of to the followers of his instrumental stuff though the years.

Stephen writes: “This music, until recently lost, was discovered at the bottom of a bag of, no not shite, but old 4 track cassette tapes. It was played under the book readings for the first novel ‘The Bad Book’ all over the country.”

The sound is classic Jones film score with layers of synthesizered strings and unsettling motives. At the time of the readings, everything was new, but the themes were later released in shorter versioner on the triple CD instrumental box Stephen Jones 1985-2001. You’ll recognise Sawcuts, 0-1-800-Jesus (without that horrible preacher) and Waking up in the Coffin in extended versions.

Stephen’s debut novel come out in 1999. The Bad Book documents a pivotal two days in Hit’s bizarre life, an odd mix of his own fantasy, his father’s seedy reality and a confused dark place somewhere in between.

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