Wednesday, 13 June 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Ultravox - Young Savage

So last week I posted my review of the new Ultravox album, the not so accurately titled 'Brilliant'. I found it hard to find many moments on the album that I liked, and because of this I gave it a review that was certainly less positive, but constructive and as kind as possible. However, the band's frontman and Band Aid co-writer Midge Ure didn't take too kindly to my review and responded back by calling me a "twat". Cheers Mr Ure. 

So it's probably going to annoy Midge even more that I have chosen an Ultravox track from the days when he wasn't part of the group and the legendary John Foxx was the frontman... From the reissued version of the band's debut album 'Ultravox!" (notice the removal of the exclamation mark post-Foxx perhaps signals the removal of excitement from the band's music...) 

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