Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NEWS: Stephen Jones confirms "the end" of Babybird

So for the last few weeks fans of Babybird have been wondering what's happening in the musical world of Stephen Jones. On his Twitter page Jones now lists himself as "ex-Babybird", and has recently posted a video clip of 'The Weight Of My Sin', a track which is claimed to be "the last Babybird song". Being a follower of Stephen's on Twitter has kept me up to date with the other videos he has been posting, which are mostly instrumental, largely piano-based numbers that are hopefully due for some kind of release soon. 

Curiously a while ago Jones stated that he was "in talks about recording another album" before later adding "not sure whom I’m in talks with though...".

Then came this news, sort of confirming the end of Babybird: 

"so is Babybird officially defuct? YES"

Another Twitter user asked "Have Babybird split up?”, to which Jones replied "This is the problem with that name. It wasn’t a band then it was then not again..."

Of course Stephen Jones used the name Babybird as a moniker for this solo material, way before the breakthrough success of 'You're Gorgeous'. In the mid 1990's Babybird became a full band, until they split up in 2000 only to return in 2006 with a comeback album. The most recent Babybird album 'The Pleasures Of Self Destruction' was released last year (2011) via Johnny Depp's record label Unison. 

It has been said that while the name 'Babybird' has been retired, the music will continue under a different alias. One possible new alias for is Amplified Silence, a name listed on a YouTube video for two of the new songs and also the title of Jones's latest book.

We await news of what happens next, but it will probably involve the release of the new music Jones has posted to YouTube...

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