Friday, 29 June 2012

LISTEN TO: Martin Carr - 'Sailor'/'I Will Build A Road'

Former Boo Radleys man Martin Carr has released some new solo material. Two new tracks 'Sailor' and 'I Will Build A Road' are available to download now, and you can hear them both in full via the music player below...

'Sailor' was written and recorded by Martin Carr and mixed by Greg Strutton at Sail On Sailor Studios, Cardiff.

Carr revealed: "I will be releasing regular singles through Bandcamp from now on. I’ve been writing and getting to grips with my studio so there is no shortage of material and ideas. You can pay what you like for the single (min £2), hopefully at some point I’ll be able to afford to make a proper album. I would rather do it this way, give you an immediate return for your money than have you pledge for something that doesn’t exist but and extra funding would be, of course, much appreciated.

All the bravecaptain albums and ‘Ye Gods (and little fishes) are also available.

I also have a Tumblr page that I prefer to use now, I’ve started doing 10 Questions again on there and there is the odd snippet of music, photographs, robot children etc

I also have a Soundcloud account where you will find new songs and demos."


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