Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rob Chapman : a tribute

Some sad news to report.... Former FRENZY drummer Rob Chapman has been tragically killed in a motorbike accident. Rob was Frenzy's drummer from 2002 up until Adam Sevior's return in late 2006, and played a very important part in the creation of their excellent 'Nitro Boy' album. 

On Frenzy's official Facebook page, frontman Steve Whitehouse confirmed the news:
"Just heard some pretty devastating news ....literally a few mins ago . Frenzy's old drummer Rob Chapman , who we had all known since kids....and who played on the Nitro Boy album as well as playing with MANY local bands.....was killed today in a motorbike accident on the roads around Frome . To say we are shocked would be an understatement ! We cant believe it ....and Myself , my wife Dawn , Steve Eaton and Adam Seviour would like to offer our deepest sympathys to his whole family . Gutted :-("

Rob played drums for over 20 years and came from a varied musical background. Before joining Frenzy he played Soul, Rock n Roll and Heavy Rock with a few bands, before being part of a comedy trio, ' Stumpy, Ginge and Tubs ', a skillful musical unit who were much in demand. Rob was known to provide a lot of laughter while the band were on the road, and was well loved amongst the musical community of Frome. 

The aband's 2006 album 'Nitro Boy' was a great record, and the best the group had managed for years, helped by Rob's energetic kit pounding. Also the inclusion of the classic 'Rum And Coke' on the album was (from what I remember) also Rob's idea. He was drumming for Frenzy when I first discovered them, and was part of the group during the first gigs I witnessed by the band. Needless to say his arrival to the group helped shape and perfect their brilliant live shows, before Adam Sevior rejoined an continued Rob's great work. Even after his departure from the band Rob could still regularly been seen at Frenzy gigs, on one particular occasion a few years ago at The Wheatsheaves in Frome, I remember him down the front going mental to all those psychobilly classics, with the same levels of energy he used to display while drumming for the band. He may not have been playing the music any more, but it was still in his blood and he remained a big Frenzy fan as well as one of the band's best friends. 

'Mr Scott:Music' would like to send best wishes to his family and loved ones at this tragic time. A great guy, a fun character and a fantastic musician... RIP Rob Chapman.

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