Sunday, 25 March 2012


VENA CAVA are a post-rock combo from the South West of England. They describe them,selves as "Heavy spacey psych doom punk rock as in freedom to play what you want and be how you want." Apparently they are currently finishing our first album for release in 2012... "Our first release is currently in progress..will be gigging again with a new line up in the not too distant future..."

Their MySpace page declares that "Bristol three piece VENA CAVA summon a heavy psych rock sound with hints of shoegaze. Down tuned riffs merge with the heady, ecstatic colours of Bardo Pond to form a potent brew." The group presently features Thought Forms' Charlie Romjin on drums, Christelle Rox on guitar/vocals and Mardt C on bass guitar. They have been busy recording new material at Melksham's Nine Volt Leap studios... 

Interestingly one website reveals that "Vena Cava has been the name of at least five bands:
1. A Romanian death metal band.
2. A San Diegan pop punk band.
3. A post-punk band from Columbus, Ohio on the Old 3C label.
4. A UK Post-Punk band who released a 7” EP in 1980.
5. A Metal band in Beijing who are in High School."

So be sure to pick the right one.... this is a group from Bristol, UK and they don;t feature on the aforementioned list..... From their Bandcamp page, here are some of their brilliant sounds...


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