Friday, 23 March 2012


So after over a year of music blogging, Mr Scott:Music is proud to announce that the site has now reached a landmark 1000 posts. And with this being that 1000th post, the occasion is being marked with a special mix featuring the most popular artists on the blog over the first 1000 posts. 

This wonderful mix is available to listen to anytime, and features a great selection of tracks. There's music from the Beach Boys, who attracted a lot of traffic to the blog after I posted the news that the long lost 'Smile' would finally get an official release. There are tracks from Kasabian whose fanbase flocked to this site to read about the awesome 'Velociraptor', and Noel Gallagher who managed to score a 10 out of 10 review with his debut solo offering. As well as the usual favourites you'd expect to be popular on this blog, one of the more unexpected appearances comes from American punks Anti Flag after many of their fans came here to read about the recording of their upcoming new album. As well as the artists i've just mentioned, others who my most viewed posts relate to include the likes of Beady Eye, Radiohead, The Fall, The Horrors, and Oasis. 

According to the stats this blog will soon be reaching an impressive 100,000 page views, and when the time comes I will be celebrating with a similar mixtape\compilation. So watch this space...

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