Sunday, 25 December 2011

SONG FOR TODAY : Charles Brown - Please Come Home For Christmas

Merry Christmas to all readers. During a very busy Christmas Day I just about have enough time to bring you my favourite Christmas song this year. Last year I created a 2 CD compilation called Christmas Essentials which I was most pleased with at the time, then when I dug it out to play this year in the run up to Christmas I noticed a few silent gaps on the CD as well as the fact that some of the tracks on it weren't quite as good as others. I also dug out a data disc which had a recording of last year's BBC 6Music Christmas Special with Richard Hawley, where some incredible festive classics were given an airing. Realising someting had to be done I re-compiled Christmas Essentials to include some of the best tracks introduced to me via that brilliant show. This (from the amazing 'Charles Brown Sings Christmas Songs' album) is one of those tracks...

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