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INTRODUCING: Thought Forms

Thought Forms are Charlie Romijn, Deej Dhariwal and Guy Metcalfe.

Brought together amongst the ley-lines and ancient vibrations by a shared love of guitar abuse and pedal worship, they use dual-guitars and sweeping vocals to blend layers of melody within walls of noise, creating an intense psychedelic atmosphere thick with drones and almost Shamanic experimentation and improvisation.

They were picked up by Invada Records (which is owned by Geoff Barrow from the band Portishead and the Bristolian venue owner Fat Paul) and released their first album for the label in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim. 

The band have in the past played well received sets at festivals such as Terrastock, All Tomorrow's Parties and Supersonic, and shared bills with the likes of Mogwai, Fuck Buttons, Bardo Pond, The Skaters, MV/EE, Acid Mothers Temple, Six Organs Of Admittance...
Thought Forms are currently working on their second album for Invada and several smaller releases on their own “Lava Thief” label. As well as upcoming appearances at ATP, Supernormal and Incubate Festivals in 2011, they will be supporting Portishead on their entire North American tour this October .


For The Moving Stars Cover Art'For The Moving Stars'
EP - released 19 April 2006 

1. Memento Mori
2. Industry
3. Throwing Rocks At Cars
4. Dust Magic
5. David, 18
6. Nothing Is As Easy As You Think

"We recorded this CD-R release in 2005 when Emily Mcmullen was still drumming for us. We sold a few at Terrastock 6 but otherwise, it never really saw the light of day! It contains early versions of "Industry", "Dust Magic", "David, 18" and "Nothing Is As Easy As You Think" as well as two other tracks which never made a re-appearance; "Memento Mori" and "Throwing Rocks At Cars""

Charlie Romijn - guitar 
Deej Dhariwal - guitar and vocals 
Emily Mcmullen - drums


'Something About Bees Cos They're Important' 
EP - released 04 May 2009 

1. Lava Thief 
2. 20 Satellites On My Hill 
3. Don't Stab The Bag 
4. David (?) 18 
5. Mr Steve Has Eaten Your Dog 

"This was released as a LTD Edition CD-R (30 copies with individual hand made packaging) on May 4th 2009 to coincide with the release of the self titled album on Invada Records. It contains a mixture of live and improvised tracks including collaborations with Team Brick and Doug Ferguson. All the tracks were recorded live on our tour with Primordial Undermind in August 2008 with the exception of Don't Stab The Bag which was recorded at SOA studio during the sessions for the album."

Charlie Romijn - Guitar 
Deej Dhariwal - Guitar 
Guy Metcalfe - Drums 

Doug Ferguson - Electronics 
Matt Williams - Vocals / Keyboard 
Recorded by Doug Ferguson on the road 
+ Stu Matthews at SOA Studios, Bristol 
Mastered by Jacko at Optimum, Bristol


'Thought Forms'
Album - released 04 May 2009

1. 20 Satellites On My Hill 04:08
2. Industry 04:13
3. Dust Magic 05:09
4. Nothing Is As Easy As You Think 06:34
5. Sonny 01:46
6. We Would Be So Happy If... 06:18
7. David, 18 05:12
8. Mr Steve Has Eaten Your Dog 03:15
9. Maggie 04:09

"This is the band's first album for Invada Records. It was recorded at State Of Art studios in Bristol by 7stu7. It's available on both CD and Vinyl so please head over to the Invada shop if you wish to buy a copy..."

Charlie Romijn - Guitar 
Deej Dhariwal - Guitar 
Guy Metcalfe - Drums 


'Fire Burn Me Clean'
EP - released 20 April 2010 
"A live recording of an improvised set at The Croft in Bristol on 20th April 2010 supporting Master Musicians Of Bukkake."

1. Fire Burn Me Clean

Deej Dhariwal - guitar, keyboard 
Charlie Romijn - hulusi, guitar, vocals, cello 
Guy Metcalfe - drums


EP - released December 1st 2011

1) Ghost Mountain You And Me (4.58)
2) Song For Junko (5.48) 
3) Bowing (14.48)

LTD ED hand made CD

Before going on tour, the group recorded a 3 track EP called Sky Pegs down at SOA Studios in Bristol, with their friend 7Stu7. They took 56 copies with them to America in hand painted packaging and they all went pretty swiftly...The 44 copies the band had left on their return to the UK all sold out within a short space of time. 

Deej Dhariwal - guitar, keyboard 
Charlie Romijn - hulusi, guitar, vocals, cello 
Guy Metcalfe - drums

Artwork by Chris Rocket

For a review of the EP on Listomania go HERE. 

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