Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Recommended for February 2011

Some old... mostly new. A list of tracks I have recently discovered throughout the early part of 2011 and compiled onto my own little mixtape type thing. Well an mp3 disc to be precise, but you get the idea. Why not do the same thing? 

Small Engine Repair - Fall Down At Your Feet
Denuo - Wolf River
Tame Impala - Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind - Erol Alkan Remix
The Son (s) - Radar
Plank! - Pig Sick (remix)
The Milk - (I Only Wanted) Danger
The Sketches - My Fathers Son
Andy Human — Center Of Gravity
D-Bridge — Detuned Heart
The Babies — Sunset
Dr Strangeloop - Strangeloop Utopia
Auction - Statues
Moon Duo - Mazes
City And The Blisters - We Are The Others
Ian M. Hale - In The Hour Of Need
Viva Voce - From The Devil Himself
Shogun Kunitoki — Holvikirkko
Parts And Labor — Fake Names
Mungo's Hi-Fi — Everyman Dub
The Boxer Rebellion — Step Out Of The Car

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