RW/FF is a website about the all-important music of the present and the finest sounds of the past. It is written entirely by myself, Ben P Scott.

Time is precious to us all in the 21st century, so RW/FF keeps things simple. Each day you get one new song and one old song. Other regular features include album reviews, compilations/mixtapes and year-by-year accounts of musical memories from the past. Occasionally you can also expect opinions, gig reports, interviews and various other bits.

In short, I'm just doing my best to make sure people aren't missing out on great music. 

With other websites, you'll have many different writers with different tastes and opinions writing about lots of different artists and releases. This can lead to contradicting viewpoints and confusion over the general opinion. RW/FF is the musical viewpoint of one person, who readers can come to trust and relate to as a music fan. In terms of new music, RW/FF is like some sort of version of the mainstream that exists in a parallel universe where the best new releases are still given the attention and recognition they deserve, and where boring, generic manufactured pop is rightfully ignored. There may be some pop sounds every now and again, but only the very best (rather than reality TV rubbish and manufactured puppets). Being a lover of indie and alternative music, you'll find plenty of it here, but limiting things to just indie isn't quite enough. So you'll also find electronica, dance, techno, metal, punk, reggae, soul, hip hop and more.

Track Of The Day brings you a newly released song every day and selects only the best of the moment. Since the rise of the internet there is a ridiculously huge amount of new music being released every week, which makes finding the best stuff rather difficult and time consuming. And only the heavily marketed and most commercial music is given adequate exposure in the mainstream, so the public needs sites like this to steer them towards the good stuff rather than the bad. I dig through as much as I possibly can and select the stuff that needs to be heard. It's important to support the artists while they're still here making music, and it's just as important to have an educated knowledge of what's currently happening.

The daily REWIND is a daily dose of the past, featuring lost treasures and classics that readers may or may not be familiar with. It's a case of celebrating history, keeping the music alive and enlightening those who missed out first time around.

Then there are the RW/FF Compilations, which round up all the most essential new music for your listening pleasure. All those plus lots of other mixtapes can be found HERE

It's a case of trying to listen to as much as I possibly can, while also making sure that I'm absorbing the music properly. I only publish music that I myself consider good enough to purchase, and anything less would be pointless. Of course it's not the only music site that you should be following, but you'd be foolish not to follow RW/FF.

As well as reporting on new and recent releases, there's also a more personal element to the site. Stories and memories from my years as a music lover feature often on the site and provide something that many readers will be able to relate to. It's generally a site that features many genres, but will be of particular interest to others who grew up with the music of the 90s. 

So WHY do I do this? Because these days there is lots of BAD music being shoved in people's faces via TV and radio, and therefore it has become harder to hear the GOOD music. So consider this site an outlet for the good and a place where you can avoid the bad.

It's a blog FOR music lovers, written BY a music lover.  

Since the mid 1990's I have been a club DJ, wrote the indie fanzine 'Supernova', released my own weird music, and I was in punk bands Armies Of Anger and No Manifesto. As well as writing for websites such as God Is In The TV and Monolith Cocktail, I've also hosted radio shows on SandinistaRadio, IndieCore Radio, UKHD Radio, Melksham Community Radio and Melksham Town Sound. 

The email is rwff@live.co.uk
The RW/FF Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/rwffmusic/
And you can follow via Twitter at @rwffmusic