Saturday, 22 November 2014

REWIND: Hurricane #1: 'Step Into My World'

As soon as Beady Eye split up, I knew that it would most likely pave the way for Andy Bell to reform Ride. However, it seems that former bandmates from his other pre-Oasis/Beady Eye group Hurricane #1 were also hoping for a reunion with Andy. They must have been disappointed when he opted for a Ride reunion instead, but have decided to resurrect the band without Bell's participation. I used to love Hurricane #1 back in the 90s, but reforming without the man who wrote all (but one) of their songs is insane, not to mention rather desperate, especially since I always thought of the band as an outfit that Bell put together as a vehicle for his songs. The reformed group's Facebook and Twitter pages have confirmed that Teenage Fanclub drummer Paul Quinn is going to be part of the new line-up, along with Lucas Mariani on bass and Carl Mariani replacing Bell on guitar, along with sole original member, singer Alex Lowe. From their self titled 1997 debut, here's the band's best known track, the number 29 hit 'Step Into My World', which reached number 19 on its re-release that same year.

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