Sunday, 2 November 2014

REWIND: Beady Eye - 'The Beat Goes On'

After an unplanned few weeks away, RW/FF returns. Without going into too much detail, two weeks ago this writer's life was upside down. After many realizations and after managing to put so many things into perspective, everything in my life suddenly changed. Only one certain very, very special person knows what I'm talking about, and after officially becoming engaged to be married in 2015, I now feel like the luckiest man in the world. My writing work and sharing of music will continue, but at a more sensible pace and probably a bit more concise than my lengthy articles of the past.

While I've been away from the internet, lots of things have happened. The crazy world of music doesn't stay still for long. One significant piece of news was the break-up of Beady Eye. The end of Liam Gallagher's band has prompted inevitable rumours of an Oasis reunion. Have people not considered the other many factors for the group disbanding? It's more likely that guitarist Andy Bell will be reforming his very influential early 90s band Ride, and it should be obvious that egos like Liam's would never be content with playing to half empty venues and small arenas like they have been doing. Compare their record sales of 265,000 to the 70 million that Oasis shifted. Here's my favorite Beady Eye track, taken from the 2011 debut 'Different Gear, Still Speeding'. Go HERE to read a review of that record, and go HERE if you'd like to read about their second and final album 'BE'. Liam went on record as saying that if 'BE' flopped, then he would quit music. It's more likely we'll see a Liam Gallagher solo career, since the name is likely to draw far more attention than that of Beady Eye. If you go HERE, you can find some pictures I took when we went to see them at the Oasis Centre in Swindon a few years ago...

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