Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Track Of The Day: Black Strobe - 'Broken Phone Blues'

On October 6th, Black Strobe will release his second album, Godforsaken Roads. The record confirms Arnauld Rebotini’s rock sensibility and debt to the great American tradition of songwriting, with songs touching on the classic themes of the blues - the randomness of life, the very weight of existence and the strong emotions that run just below the surface (love, lust, loneliness…). He plunges into this world of the bayou, prison and the devil with real passion and the voice of crooner often compared to Iggy Pop or Nick Cave. From it, here is the superb single 'Broken Phone Blues', a bizarrely infectious Elvis-Depeche Mode-John Lee Hooker-Gary Numan combo that has a surging, ear-stealing chorus.

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