Saturday, 14 December 2013

REWIND: David Bowie - 'Modern Love'

So on Wednesday night, things went a bit mental. While reading through the usual Twitter and Facebook statuses, I noticed one posted by Bill Cummings who is editor of God Is In The TV, the independent music and culture site that I also write for. "Shocked at who we have an interview with..." it read. A short while later it was revealed that our humble website had managed to get a worldwide exclusive chat with none other than David Bowie. "This has to be some sort of joke" I thought. So I decided to have a read of the interview, which included Bowie's opinions on the "bullshit" music industry and the revelation that Iggy Pop had offered him cocaine after Lou Reed's funeral. Wow. I felt so proud to work for THE site that got THE Bowie exclusive... But something about that interview just didn't seem right, aside from the fact that it seemed to good to be true. A while later Bill contacts me to tell me that GIITTV writer (and Scorpio Rising frontman) Sean BW Parker made the whole thing up and that our site had unwittingly posted a hoax interview. Not good. So cheers Sean for making us look fucking stupid, I will admit that I do like your latest single though. 

We may not have got an interview with Bowie, but I STILL feel proud to be a part of this great website and to work alongside many other superb, hardworking writers who dedicate their lives to the ultimate passion that is music. Instead of spending time composing fake interviews, I spent ages putting together an article for our 'Bowie Month' that happened back in March of this year. 'What Bowie Means To Me' can be seen HERE. I even put together an epic SIX PART 'Best Of' compilation which spans the man's entire career. that can be listened to HERE on Mixcloud. A notable memory I have from the mid 90's was belting out ‘Modern Love’ at a karaoke night that took place at Bentleys, the club that my Dad used to manage. Some will disagree, but I still think this is a great song...

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