Friday, 22 April 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Dodgy - If You're Thinking Of Me

So followers of the 'Song For Today may have noticed that there is an alphabetical running order going on, so today we reach D. Followers may also have noticed that no band or artist has featured as Song For Today more than once yet (to keep the diversity strong) so that rules out any more from D.A.F for the time being. Instead I'm opting for a bit of Dodgy, a very underrated group and very successful during the Britpop years. They parted company with vocalist Nigel Clark in 1998 and regrouped with a (frankly crappy) new line up and sound. Luckily that incarnation of Dodgy didn't last long and a few years later the proper line up reunited again. They've been touring and gigging for the last couple of years and have quite a few festivals to play this summer including one which I will hopefully be going to. Here from the album 'Free Peace Sweet' is 'If You're Thinking Of Me'...

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