Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Preview - Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones

Over the last few years I have seen Frank Turner grow and grow. And in a few months he has a brand new album out, his third (not including the EP compilation) which will be entitled 'England Keep My Bones'

  • 1. Eulogy
  • 2. Peggy Sang The Blues 
  • 3. I Still Believe
  • 4. Rivers
  • 5. I Am Disappeared
  • 6. English Curse 
  • 7. One Foot Before The Other
  • 8. If Ever I Stray 
  • 9. Wessex Boy
  • 10. Nights Become Days 
  • 11. Redemption
  • 12. Glory Hallelujah 
Deluxe version only songs 
  • 13. Song For Eva Mae
  • 14. Wanderlust 
  • 15. Balthazar Impresario

Here is 'I Still Believe', the first track taken from the album which was also released as part of last year's 'Rock And Roll' EP....

And some versions of tracks from the album.....

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  1. It's his fourth album by the way, Sleep is for the Week, Love Ire & Song, Poetry of the Deed, and now England Keep My Bones..but yeah I can't wait either!! :D