Sunday, 10 April 2011

A great Sunday of CD/vinyl buying at Wiltshire car boot sales....

Having a Sunday off work is a joy, especially when the summer has just begun and the sun has been shining in Wiltshire for three days now. So with all the fields and lack of good shops round Wiltshire, lots of people love visiting the various car boot sales in the area. And as a CD/vinyl fanatic, these boot sales can bring up some great bargains.

Got two more vinyl LPs from the rather awesome 60's folk legend Donovan, as well as stuff from Stealers Wheel, Bob Dylan, Ultravox, Thin Lizzy, Sisters Of Mercy and more.... Plus a load of great CD compilations issued with MOJO magazine, singles from The Bluetones, Foo Fighters, Gorky's Zycotic Mynci, Electronic and various CD albums from The Supernaturals, Texas, Gorillaz, Elbow and many more.

After spending a lot of money at the Seend boot sale as well as buying a new shelving unit to replace the one that collapsed a few days ago under the weight of my increasing CD collection, I went to the Lacock boot sale. And who happens to be running the first stall I come to? My old friend Bruce Bury. Bruce is an experienced club and party DJ who I first met at the very same boot sale back in 1996, although I'm not sure if it was the exact location of the present boot sale. Back in '96 I was a (very) young club DJ, mostly collecting dance music to spin at the club my Dad used to manage, and from the day I met Bruce and his wife at that boot sale, he sold me many of the records that I used to play on those nights in Corsham. About the same time he opened up his own shop Apollo Light And Sound in Melksham selling disco and band equipment, as well as brand new singles and albums, and I recall buying many great indie singles from him in the late 1990s after my Dad's club had closed and my fondness for dance music had been snuffed out. Even after he stopped selling the CDs, his shop proved useful for my old band Armies Of Anger, when our band equipment used to fuck up during recording sessions his shop was very good for microphones, adaptors and cables. And today Bruce once again supplied me with another great musical item... an original DubReq Stylophone, complete with a Rolf Harris demonstration record! A lovely retro toy I've been wanting to come across for years now, and at £10 an absolute bargain!

Melksham Community Radio
Another good blast from the past at the Lacock boot sale was bumping into my old mate Mr Jason Brown, a dance music enthusiast I went to school with and who was at the boot sale on a similar music-finding mission. Both of us are involved in the forthcoming Melksham Community Radio, and spoke about some of our license money fundraising ideas as well as plans for our radio shows. And as always great discussions about our record collections, the music of our school days, how FM radio has declined in quality so massively since our youth and how most people in this country nowadays buy the disposable nonsense they're told is good rather than finding their own music. He is as passionate about his music as I am about mine, and if you enjoy classic dance anthems you're going to love his show on Melksham Community Radio.

Also while we're on the subject of MCR, a mention to Mr Alan Byrne who is the head honcho of the station and a man on a mission to bring a decent station than defines and serves this town well. On Wednesday me and Alan attended a meeting at the Riverside Club where he did a presentation and an outline of the work and help needed to bring to life his vision of a fine radio station for the Melksham people.

The station website is at

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