Friday, 14 October 2016

Track Of The Day: She Makes War - 'Paper Thin'

The excellent Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist Laura Kidd (a.k.a She Makes War) struck gold earlier this year with the release of her third album 'Direction Of Travel'. Sticking with you after just a few listens, it's the sort of highly accomplished record that casts its spell song by song, full of bright melody, vibrant delivery, illuminating arrangements all brought together with magnificent songwriting. Describing her music as "gloom pop", this multi-talented artist also puts on enjoyably innovative live shows and is a real treasure in the world of DIY music.

One of 2016's most essential records, the album is available now on CD and download. She Makes War will be touring throughout the rest of the year. While sections of the LP deal with grunge riffs, Britpop influences, and icy synth-pop, the gorgeous 'Paper Thin' uses sweetly humble, spacious instrumentation to bring to life a thing of true beauty. As well as The Breeders/Belly/Throwing Muses icon Tanya Donelly, who features on this track, 'Direction Of Travel' also features a collaboration with Mark Chadwick of the Levellers.

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