Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Track Of The Day: Green Day - 'Still Breathing'

The band who played the biggest part in bringing punk rock back to the mainstream are back. Green Day were last seen four years ago, when they released  not one or two but a trio of new albums. I can't help but think that if they picked the best of those tracks and slimmed it down to a single album, it could have been their finest moment. Four years later and they've returned with a superb new album entitled 'Revolution Radio', which went to Number 1 in the UK album charts. It marks a return to the band's more straight-forward ideas, and the first album since frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's stint in rehab a few years back. Maybe it was the drink, drugs and ego caused by massive success that fuelled the triple albums and the flawed concept LPs that have characterised the band over the last 12 years.

RW/FF reviewed the album, writing that "It's not just a case of going back-to-basics, it's a rediscovery of where their strengths lie, a reigniting of their fire, and symbolic of a group who have survived the dark days and re-emerged stronger than ever. There's the rebellious spirit, the boundless energy, the party tunes, the big melodies, and the benefits of experience and wisdom that enable the punk veterans to look back on youth with hindsight, showing that their insurgent streak is not only fully intact, but bolder and deeper with age. Like the flaming ghettoblaster on the iconic front cover, Green Day are well and truly on fire." Read the rest of that review HERE. From the LP, the stunning 'Still Breathing' is an inspiring statement of survival; battle-worn, bruised and stronger after pulling through it all.

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