Sunday, 16 October 2016

Track Of The Day: Beth Orton - 'Wave'

Here's a track from someone who I've not heard from in quite a few years. However this brilliant new track has put Beth Orton firmly back on my radar. Orton's sixth studio album 'Kidsticks' was released back in May of this year, and brings her trademark folktronica sound into new territories. While many of her records have gradually strayed away from electronic sounds and more towards acoustic instrumentation, the beautiful 'Wave' combines an inviting rhythm with lovely synth sounds.

Scott Ramage at God Is In The TV reviewed her recent album, writing that "it’s the freshest Orton has sounded in years... at its core, it’s an electronic pop album that doesn’t hold any major surprises. But it’s far from pedestrian – rather, it feels like a return to form. Today’s cutting-edge is tomorrow’s retro: Orton’s safeness is timeless." Read the rest of that review HERE.

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