Monday, 17 October 2016

The Vault: David Bowie - 'She's Got Medals'

Time for another edition of a brand new feature. While Track Of The Day brings you new music and Rewind takes you back 20 years, The Vault deals in amazing songs from random points in musical history. RW/FF will keep these posts short and sweet, with only a small bit of basic info. All you have to do is press play and enjoy.

I will make absolutely no apologies for featuring David Bowie on this site every week. If anybody deserves to have such a large presence here, then it's the greatest musical icon of all-time. If you "don't see what all the fuss is about", then I'll say what I say to anyone who doesn't see the magic in his music: each one of his albums was completely different to the previous one, and even if you have to dig deep, you'll undoubtedly find something you'll like. Today I'm going to go right back to the start of the Starman's career for my favourite track from his self-titled debut album, released in 1967. 

Bowie’s debut LP displayed something of an identity crisis. His manager Ken Pitt was keen to mould him into a Tommy Steele-esque all round entertainer, but the songs also mixed the theatrical style of Anthony Newley with psychedelica and the 60′s pop sounds of The Kinks. But more interestingly, the album contains brief hints of topics that were to become familiar Bowie subjects in years to come, and my choice pick ‘She’s Got Medals’ addresses gender bending. Despite its quaint charm, the album isn't considered by a lot of people as a “proper” Bowie record, but over the years it has grown on me in a big way.

A few years ago I put together an epic six-part compilation featuring some of my favourite Bowie moments. Listen to that in full HERE. When the much-missed icon returned with 'The Next Day' in 2013, I wrote an article called 'What Bowie Means To Me', which can be read HERE

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