Sunday, 9 October 2016

REWIND: The Chemical Brothers ft. Noel Gallagher - 'Setting Sun'

It's hard for me to believe that 1996 happened 20 years ago. Every day until the end of this year, RW/FF will be looking back two decades to remember all of the amazing music that was released that year. If you weren't around or were too young to remember the mid 90s, consider this a lesson of enlightenment. If you (like me) were lucky enough to experience it all first time around, then these posts make a fine nostalgic blast from the blast.

The Top 10 in the UK singles chart from 20 years ago this week (October 6 - 12, 1996) is probably one of the most impressive I've ever seen, despite the presence of Celine Dion at number 4 and Dina Carroll at number 10. See the full chart rundown HERE.

Having the UK's most popular songwriter of the mid 90s on their track helped give the Chemical Brothers their first major hit. With Oasis and their chief Noel Gallagher impossible to ignore at the time, so was this storming number 1 single, which was the first Chemical Brothers song I ever heard. The track was included on their superb 1997 album 'Dig Your Own Hole', with an astonishing live version featuring on the 'Private Psychedelic Reel' CD single. An acoustic version of this song will be featured on the deluxe reissue of the third Oasis album 'Be Here Now', which is released next week (Friday October 14).

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