Tuesday, 18 October 2016

REWIND: B.B.E. - 'Seven Days And One Week'

Time once again to rewind back exactly 20 years ago for more of the wonderful music that graced the charts in 1996. If you weren't around or were too young to remember the mid 90s, consider this a lesson of enlightenment. If you (like me) were lucky enough to experience it all first time around, then these posts make a fine nostalgic blast from the blast. 

The mid 90s were an amazing time for dance music, and it all happened just at the right time for me, since I was a very young club DJ, taking to the decks every weekend at a club that my dad managed. This dream-trance classic is still one of my favourite floorfillers of all time, and hasn't aged a bit. B.B.E. were active from 1996 until 2003, and consisted of of Italian record producers Bruno Sanchioni and Bruno Quartier, and French producer Emmanuel Top. 'Seven Days And One Week' can be found on the group's only album 'Games', which only managed number 60 in the UK album charts. This legendary dance hit fared much better, reaching number 3 in the UK, and earning the group a silver disc. As well as the singles released from 'Games', B.B.E. released four more non-album singles in the early 2000s, including one interestingly titled 'Seven Days And Four Years'.

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