Saturday, 10 September 2016

REWIND: Ash - 'Oh Yeah'

More wonderful music from 1996 as RW/FF takes you aboard a musical TARDIS on a journey through musical history. If you weren't around or were too young to remember the mid 90s, consider this a lesson of enlightenment. If you (like me) were lucky enough to experience it all first time around, then these posts make a fine nostalgic blast from the blast.

Another classic Britpop-era album that has recently reached it's 20th birthday is Ash's 1996 debut '1977'. The title refers to a year of three events that shaped the band: the births of two of the band-members, the year the first punk albums were released and the release of Star Wars. The album opens with the sound of a TIE fighter, and the final song ends with a choral version of the Star Wars theme. At the end of the album there was a hidden track, which was essentially just a recording of band members vomiting. In 2008 frontman Tim Wheeler remembered: "we'd literally left school six months before... It was insane, just a totally mental time... We just got very nocturnal and very crazy. (Producer) Owen Morris had been not so gradually introducing us to drugs, so we were off our heads a lot of the time!" From the album here is the heavy daydream of 'Oh Yeah', which reached number in the UK singles charts.

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