Sunday, 19 June 2016

Track Of The Day: Underworld - 'Low Burn'

After six years without an album, UK dance legends Underworld returned with their ninth album recently. 'Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future' is their first new material since 2010. Karl Hyde has said of the album: "When I listen to this record what I’m proud of most is that Rick and I made a record without thinking about where it fits or if it sounds like Underworld."The album was co-produced by drum and bass producer High Contrast, who previously worked with the band on their previous LP 'Barking'.

Explaining the album's unusual title, Hyde said in an interview said that Rick Smith's mother's name is Barbara and that the phrase was one of the last things his father said before he died. One of the album's highlights comes early on in the form of the glowing, euphoric 'Low Burn'.

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