Thursday, 9 June 2016

REWIND: The Rapture - 'Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh'

It's been all about anniversaries recently on RW/FF, celebrating music that has existed for multiple decades. Today we feature a track that's ten years old this year. 2006 probably wasn't as rich in musical treasures as 1966, 76, 86 and 96, but still produced a number of fine albums. The Rapture were pretty awesome when they first appeared, and their second album 'People Of The People We Love' is one that I remember being fond of back then. After not hearing it for years perhaps it's time that I had a long overdue listen to the album, but for now I'll feature its most memorable track, the brilliant disco-punk fusion of 'Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh'...

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