Monday, 6 June 2016

REWIND: David Bowie - 'Golden Years'

The world changed forever a few months ago in January when the irreplaceable David Bowie passed away aged 69. As a massive fan of Bowie, I began writing a tribute piece only to find that I was too shaken with grief to write an article that would do the man justice. The phrase "where do I start?" has never been so appropriate. After many months I am finally putting the finishing touches to this piece, which I hope to publish very soon. 

Just one of the many incredible albums Bowie left the world with was the 1976 masterpiece 'Station To Station' which was released 40 years ago this year. Bridging the gap between the white soul of his previous LP 'Young Americans' and the paranoid European atmosphere of 1977's 'Low', the album was his tenth studio effort and was recorded while Bowie was heavily dependent on drugs, particularly cocaine. He later claimed that he recalled almost nothing of the production. 'Golden Years' was the lead single from the album and still sounds magnificent four decades later.

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