Sunday, 5 July 2015

Track Of The Day: Charlie Clark And the Majestic 12 - 'The Devil's Pulpit'

A brand new offering from RW/FF favourite Charlie Clark and his new outfit The Majestic 12. 'The Devil's Pulpit' reprises the bright, energetic sound of his old band Astrid and layers shoegazey textures to wonderful effect. The song is their debut single and was released a couple of weeks ago on June 26th via Manimal Vinyl. Led by Scottish indie veteran and cat whisperer, Charlie Clark (Astrid, Reindeer Section), the band also features drummer/singer and undefeated national pie eating champion, Dash Hutton (HAIM) as well as bassist/producer and wicker duck enthusiast, Eric McCann (The New Amsterdams). After releasing some excellent solo material over recent years (see an interview and a review of his most recent EP 'Feel Something' HERE) Clark is also one half of Broken Arrow, along with singer Brandi Emma. More info about them HERE.

RW/FF spoke to Charlie about his latest project: "The whole MJ12 project came about because I had some down time from the Broken Arrow record and I'd written some songs and demoed them at home. when I heard them back they didn't seem like they'd sit well with my solo stuff and were not the right vibe for Broken Arrow either. I really liked them though and I'd been hanging out with Dash Hutton at that time (Haim drummer) who said he'd be down to play drums and sing harmonies. Eric McCann who plays bass in all my projects and produced this record and 'Feel Something' suggested we just go in and record 2 songs right away at his studio, which we did. We all had a similar feeling about making a fun record, quickly and right after we handed the songs to my manager Manimal agreed to put it out so we shot a video for each of the tracks with director Xia Magnus. We did all of this in less than a month. We've still never played a show together, but the 3 of us have a really good relationship and we've decided that whenever we can all get together we're going to keep recording songs 2 at a time and have around 6 or 7 finished so we're going to play our first show in L.A next month and start rehearsals this week..."

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