Saturday, 7 March 2015

REWIND: Oasis - 'Mucky Fingers'

Following on from the patchy 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' LP from 2000, the fifth Oasis album arrived in 2002, surrounded by much talk of a "return to form". However this was not the case, since 'Heathen Chemistry' was little more than Oasis-by-numbers, almost like a competetion to see who could write the song that sounded the most like early Oasis. The recognisable style was there, but the songwriting was lacking. After Gem Archer and Andy Bell joined the band in 2000, Oasis became more of a democracy in terms of songwriting, which in hindsight wasn't always a good thing, particularly where Liam's efforts were concerned. Still, 2005's 'Don't Believe The Truth' gave them their best selling album since 'Be Here Now' and produced a number of songs that ranked among their strongest. One such song was the pounding, Velvet Underground-influenced 'Mucky Fingers'.

This week on RW/FF is Noel Gallagher Week. You can find more Noel/Oasis related articles HERE.

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