Wednesday, 18 March 2015

REWIND: Cornershop - 'Good To Be On The Road Back Home'

The other day I decided to dust off my CD copy of Cornershop's 1997 album 'When I Was Born For The 7th Time' and give it a play for the first time in bloody ages. Like the majority of people I discovered the duo when a Norman Cook remix of 'Brimful Of Asha' became a massive radio staple, and entered the charts at number 1. After enjoying the follow up single 'Sleep On The Left Side' (which didn't enjoy the same level of commercial success) I knew I had to investigate the album, which I bought in 1998 from a sale that Woolworths had on at the time. An eclectic album blending Indian music, funk, hip hop, country, indie and psychedelica together with surprising ease, those who only knew the big hit certainly missed out on some fine music. Luckily I didn't, which is how the marvellous 'Good To Be On The Road Back Home' became my favourite song on the album...

Frontman Tjinder Singh described the recording process as "very intense. There was a lot of smoking going on, it was a very relaxed time, and very enjoyable all the way through. At the end, our engineer had to go for medical assistance. He got freaked out. He smoked so much and then he stopped and he went loopy. He was on medication. His body couldn't take it."

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