Sunday, 8 February 2015

Track Of The Day: Crushed Beaks - 'Overgrown'

This cracking slice of melodic indie pop is taken from 'Scatter', the debut album from London-based trio Crushed Beaks. It's out tomorrow on February 9th, and was co-produced and mixed by Pete Hutchings at Octopus Studios, Rome. The band are made up of Alex Morris, Matthew Poile and Scott Bowley. Their bio says that "Poile and Morris bonded over this shared love having met through mutual band friends – everything from classic Argento to the ultimately obscure ends of Italian slashers. Once the two met creatively over a rough set of demos that Poile had written out of his shed, Crushed Beaks became a roughshod, DIY force that embodied their heroes cinematic ethics.

Poile’s pop sensibilities consistently shine through the dusk of reverberated guitars as Alex Morris relentless drumming brings an inimitable life to each song. Comparisons to the likes of No Age and My Bloody Valentine go some way to encapsulating the urgency of their sound – but go little way in experiencing it in person..."

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