Thursday, 5 February 2015

Track Of The Day: Babybird - 'Screaming 4 Jesus'

Stephen Jones is the genius behind Babybird, Death Of The Neighbourhood, Black Reindeer, Deluder, Trucker and various other musical projects. Since putting the Babybird moniker to rest in 2012, Jones has been releasing huge volumes of music via his Bandcamp page HERE. But over the past month the Babybird name has been reprised for a few albums of unreleased material from the archive. 

After releasing the Black Reindeer album 'Shop Til Dead' in early January, Jones surprised fans with a Babybird LP entitled 'Roadkiller', featuring "tracks that were recorded in various studios and homes across the world. On cassette/CD/studio tape/mini disc/DAT and memory" and "made in in-between time as demos that time ran out on, or didn't fit the flavour of Ba
bybird albums." Listen to 'Roadkiller' HERE. A few days later a second volume of these archive tracks appeared under the title 'Roadtripper', which can be heard HERE. That same day 'Roadfiller' was also released as an "accompaniment" to 'Roadtripper', and features 'Screaming 4 Jesus', which can be heard below. 'Roadfiller' can be found HERE.

February kicked off with the release of the fourth archive tracks album 'Road', which can be found HERE. Jones reveals that the tracks are "from cassettes recorded over 30 years and added to through those years. Recorded on standard C90 C60 and C45 cassettes, and when desperately and skint recorded over other people's cassettes. Most of the earlier recordings were made on Wella Hairdressing instruction C45s cassettes."

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