Tuesday, 6 January 2015

REWIND: Teenage Fanclub - 'Start Again'

Judging by the list of upcoming and possible album releases for 2015, the next 12 months are going to bring us some wonderful sounds. A regularly updated list can be found HERE. Scottish indie legends Teenage Fanclub are one band who are due to release a new LP this year. Frontman Norman Blake told The Daily Record last year: “We keep in touch even though I’m in Canada. Because of the internet it’s easy. We met last year and went to a place called Vega studio in the South of France. They have got a beautiful EMI desk that The Beatles used. There are only three in the world. So we went down there ate a lot of cheese and drank wine and did some recording... The album will be out in March in time for festival shows.”

Until then here's a lovely track from their 1997 classic 'Songs From Northern Britain', which is still my favourite album by the band. Possibly because it's the first one I heard. I remember 'Start Again' also being the first Teenage Fanclub song I ever knew of. The song reached number 54 when it was released as a single, and is also the opening track from the album. 'Songs From Northern Britain' reached number 3 in the UK albums chart, their highest entry to date.

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