Friday, 9 January 2015

REWIND: SL2 - 'On A Ragga Tip'

It's the weekend, and the arrival of the weekend means that it's time for another Friday Banger. Out of the four singles British rave act SL2 released, this was undoubtedly the most popular. They formed as a duo of Matt "Slipmatt" Nelson and John "Lime" Fernandez, their name caming from the founders initials - Slipmatt (S) and Lime (L), and as their status as a duo - hence "SL2". After scoring a number 11 chart hit with an XL Recordings re-release of 'DJ's Take Control' which became a number 11 hit in the UK charts, 'On A Ragga Tip' was released in 1992 and peaked at number two. After another single 'Way In My Brain', disagreements within the group saw SL2 split up by the end of 1993. After a remix of their biggest hit On A Ragga Tip re-entered the charts in 1997, Slipmatt and Lime reunited. Although no new material has ever been released, they continue to DJ on a semi-regular basis.

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