Sunday, 11 January 2015

REWIND: The Lightning Seeds - 'Change'

Time to rewind to 1995 for the weekly retrospective chart pick. Every Sunday, @ThisIsMyJam95 posts the Top 40 from 20 years ago and invites followers to pick their favourite new entry. This week's chart can be found HERE and features some brilliant stuff. But proving that even the golden years of popular music can throw up some bad stuff, that week's fresh offerings included generic R-Kelly-esque RnB from the Whitehead Bros, some lame dance-pop from the Tyrrel Corporation, Carleen Anderson's bland 'Let It Last', and a dreadful, pointless cover of 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' by Nicki French. On the 'not good, not bad, not too bothered' list is Sounds Of Blackness's 'I'm Going All The Way', and in at number 9 were Guns N Roses with their take on 'Sympathy For The Devil', which I was aware of years before I even heard the original version. 

Much more agreeable were The Original's club hit 'I Luv U Baby', some rousing hard rock from The Almighty, a band who I've decided to familiarise myself with after enjoying 'Jonestown Mind'. Also impressing were 'Living In Danger' by Ace Of Base, one of my favourite pop groups ever and the third most successful Swedish act of all-time. N-Trance re-entered the chart with their classic 'Set You Free', which went in at #6. That song instantly evokes memories of running around in a large circle with lots of other kids during a school holidays activity club at a local sports centre. In at number 21 was Loveland featuring Rachel McFarlane's, with the soulful house gem 'I Need Somebody'. Then of course there was Portishead's magnificent 'Glory Box'. Such a hard choice between that and Ace Of Base, but I'm going to pick the week's number 23 entry, 'Change' by the Lightning Seeds, breezy carefree indie-pop at its best. This song was the second single to be released from their 1994 album 'Jollification'. Having not released anything new since 2009's 'Four Winds', I wonder if Ian Broudie will return with another album anytime soon?

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