Sunday, 30 November 2014

REWIND: The Boo Radleys - 'The Old Newsstand In Hamilton Square'

Yesterday (November 29) was the birthday of songwriting genius Martin Carr, formerly the brains behind 90s legends The Boo Radleys. Like most people, I discovered the band through their 1995 smash 'Wake Up Boo', and when I was old enough to appreciate their music on a deeper level, the band's time was coming to an end. A shame really, since their final album 'Kingsize' from 1998 was an absolute gem. Despite ecstatic reviews, the album suffered from a complete lack of promotion and support from the industry, plus its lead single 'Free Huey' probably out a lot of people off with its rather OTT repetition of the "and you know you've gotta be all you can be line". Maybe this superb album would have enjoyed greater success had they released this moody, Bond-esque treasure as the first single. Instead the album stalled at number 62, and the lack of finances meant that they weren't able to tour the record with a string section as they would have liked. So rather than compromise, the four piece went their separate ways, and Martin Carr returned a year or so later as Bravecaptain. After being quiet for the last few years, Carr returned with his latest album 'The Breaks' a few months ago, an album that proved the old magic had not been misplaced. A review of it can be found HERE.

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