Tuesday, 7 October 2014

REWIND: Radiohead - 'Everything In Its Right Place'

After featuring a song that was 14 years old yesterday, I've decided that this week's Rewind selections are also all going to be from the year 2000. This week marks the 14th anniversary of Radiohead's classic fourth album 'Kid A', which I can recall buying from a little shop called Rival Records in Bath on the day before it's official release. They always used to put things out a day early. Sadly it's no longer there anymore, but my copy of 'Kid A' is still present on my CD shelves and sounds incredible nearly a decade and a half later. I remember being astounded and confused in equal measures by the album, which bravely defied expectations and conventions. The odd and brilliant 'Everything In Its Right Place' opens the album, which went in at number 1 in the UK charts. Because I bought an early copy, mine came with the book of drawing and words hidden under the CD inlay tray.

It's also Thom Yorke's birthday today, giving me a third reason to feature this track. ZHis new album 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' is a bloody good record too. Happy birthday Thom.

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