Friday, 3 October 2014

REWIND: Levellers - 'Bozos' (Supercharger Heavy Mental Mix)

It's Levellers week (and weekend) on RW/FF. Yes, seven days of posts about one of the greatest and most underrated group of songwriters to have ever graced this earth. Regular RW/FF readers will know that Friday's 'Rewind' selection is always a great dance track to kick off the weekend, aka The Friday Banger. But I wouldn't want to disrupt Levellers week, since the last four 'Rewind' entries have all been from the band's new Greatest Hits album... So here's something rather odd that ISN'T from the new collection, a track that I used to always skip when I had it on one of the 'Bozos' CD singles from 1998. The song itself was a cover version of an obscurity by Flik Spatula, a band who released their only EP on the Levellers' label Hag Records, back in 1988. The cover of 'Bozos' (originally titled 'We're All Bozos On This Bus') was recorded especially for the band's first 'Best Of' compilation. But after buying the two CD singles, I was a lot more impressed with the cover versions that featured on them than I was this big beat-flavoured overhaul of the song. But times change, and about three days ago I decided to listen to the 'Supercharger Heavy Mental Mix' of 'Bozos'. And it sounds very good indeed all these years later... It's a little bit like what I imagine Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy might have sounded like if they collaborated...

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