Monday, 6 October 2014

REWIND: Embrace - 'You're Not Alone'

Although most of their post 2001 material has been mostly disappointing, I actually love the first three Embrace albums. People forget that in the band's early days, they were being hailed as "the next Oasis" by the music press, and their wonderful debut LP 'The Good Will Out' was given 10 out of 10 in the NME. Two years later and the buzz had subsided somewhat, with their second album 'Drawn From Memory' being given an undeservedly lukewarm reception. It still reached number 8 in the album charts, and the tour that followed the album saw Embrace being supported by a fledgling indie band called Coldplay. I woke up with an urge to listen to this album yesterday, and it made a wonderful start to my Sunday. It sounded better than ever, especially this track... The glorious 'You're Not Alone' was the LP's second single, and made it to number 14 in the charts. With more radio play, it could have got a lot higher. An uplifting and captivating slice of beautifully soulful indie pop perfection.