Saturday, 11 October 2014

REWIND: Babybird - 'The F Word'

Today's essential selection from the past is a single from Babybird, who were centred around one of the UK's most undervalued songwriters and prolific musicians, Stephen Jones. One of the many reasons I love this is because it's just so noisy. Its sound immediately suggests a a man who's well and truly going off on one. As well as being pierced by a superb guitar line at 1 minute 20 seconds, a terrific sense of violence brews throughout 'The F Word', which was the opening track from the album 'Bugged', which was the follow-up to one of my favorite LPs of all-time, 1998's 'There's Something Going On'. 'The F Word' entered the UK charts at number 35 when it was released as a single, and a few years later went on to be used as the theme tune for Gordon Ramsey's massively popular TV show of the same name.

'Bugged' didn't turn out to be the greatest Babybird album, but it did produce moments of sheer excellence in 'Out Of Sight', 'All I Want Is Love', 'The Way You Are', 'One Dead Groove', and the terrific swipe at the music industry that was 'Eyes In The Back Of My Head'. 'Bugged' charted at #104 after a lack of promotion, and Babybird subsequently parted company with Echo Records. Since resting the Babybird name a couple of years ago, Jones has been self-releasing a huge amount of music via his Bandcamp page, including rare Babybird stuff as well as new music from his various different projects. He released an amazing album entitled 'Ambition Expired' earlier this year, and you can read a review of it. Prolific as ever, yesterday (October 10) he released 'The Reinvention Of History' another collection of tracks under his Black Reindeer alias. You can listen to and buy it HERE.

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