Sunday, 12 October 2014

LISTEN: RW/FF Radio - 22/09/2014 and 06/10/2014

Ben Scott hosts RW/FF Radio every Monday night 7-8pm on Melksham Town SoundThis is where the music featured on RW/FF comes to life on the radio. As well as the most essential new releases, you'll hear lost treasures and classics from the past. Expect everything from indie, shoegaze, electronica, krautrock, psychedelica, funk, soul, reggae, punk, alternative, rock and much more.

The most recent RW/FF Radio was a shorter than usual affair, since a Levellers radio special that I was hosting overran. When the show made it in to the air 10 minutes late, new music included stuff from Kinkajous, The Charlatans, Martyn, Thom Yorke, Early Ghost, Aphex Twin, Tied To The Mast, Happyness, and Black Strobe. As well as those, I featured a hyperactive end of show banger from 1997 by Souvlaki

The week previous to that, I took a week off doing the show and left it in the capable hands of Jason B, who extended his usual Dance Class to an extra hour. That show from September 29 can be heard HERE

The show from three weeks ago has only just made it online, due to me being so busy. That edition from September 22 begins with five minutes of madness that was broadcasting on the station prior to the show going on air. The show itself features new sounds from School, Antenna Happy, Jupiter Lion, Black Rivers, Dark Horses, Johnny Marr and Jamie T, and a brilliant Seiliog remix of a Manic Street Preachers track, as well as older tracks from Ocean Colour Scene, King Prawn and Format.

For more info on RW/FF Radio, the RW/FF Specials and Melksham Town Sound, go HERE.

You can listen live HERE (Link opens in new window).

All the latest show news, announcements and "listen again" can be found HERE.

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