Sunday, 21 September 2014

Track Of The Day: Black Rivers - 'The Ship'

Black Rivers are a duo made up of "the other two" from Mamchester indie legends Doves, Andy and Jez Williams. Their first single is available as a free download from their website HERE. A haunting and compelling track, 'The Ship' combines the electronic textures of their early 90s Sub Sub incarnation and the sublime, sweeping power of the Doves sound. Sooner than I could fnd time to publish this, the duo have already released another track, 'Voyager 1', which you can listen to HERE.

Jez says: “Some bands are rooted in the reality of the here and now. I suppose we’ve always been about escapism: searching for something. That’s the link, but I wouldn’t want to think we sound too much like Doves. The exciting thing about Black Rivers is that we had the freedom to go wherever we wanted.” On the subject of the brothers regrouping after Doves was put on hiatus, added: “We just drifted back together. It made sense. After 20 years we’re still absolutely crazy about making music. We’re the lucky ones. As for the only downside to working as a duo as opposed to a trio, they say they now find it harder to agree on anything, because no one has the casting vote. The name, it seems, was a particular cause of consternation. Jez wanted Help. Andy liked the juxtaposition of Black and River, and won the day."