Friday, 19 September 2014

REWIND: Todd Terry ft. Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown - 'Keep On Jumpin'' (Rhythm Masters Thumpin' Mix)

Today's Friday Banger is another one of my favourite floorfillers from the 90s. Musique's 1978 b-side 'Keep On Jumpin'' is probably more recognisable than its A side 'In The Bush', since the song has gone on to be sampled, remixed and covered by a host of different artists. In 1991 Beatboxx released a rave version, and in 1995 The Lisa Marie Experience earned themselves a Top 20 hit in the UK with their version of the track, which was in fact the first rendition of the song that I ever heard. A short while later in 1996, Todd Terry released a version of the song that was closer to the Musique version, featuring vocals from Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown (who sang on the original). The six track CD single that I purchased at the time featured this slamming remix by the Rhythm Masters, a house duo that consisted of DJs Robert Chetcuti and Steve McGuinness. During my days as a very young club DJ at Bentleys in Corsham, this was a regular fixture in my sets. This particular mix is based around Terry's initial 1994 track 'Jumpin'', which samples extensively from the Musique original.

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