Sunday, 21 September 2014

REWIND: Ocean Colour Scene - 'Up On The Downside'

A lot of people forget just how successful Ocean Colour Scene actually are. As well as an impressive six consecutive Top 10 hits, they also scored another 11 Top 40 singles and no less than five UK Top 10 albums. This particular single from was one that I purchased on 7" vinyl on its week of release, or it may have even been on the Sunday before release, since Rival Records in Bath used to sell a lot of their stuff a day early in the late 90s. 'Up n The Downside' was released in 2001 and reached number 19 in the UK Singles Chart, and was the first single to be released from their album Mechanical Wonder', an album that I spent last Sunday morning listening to and tweeting my thoughts on. The superb 'Up On The Downside' provides a lively, soulful way to start the album. As well as Steve Cradock's wah-wah guitar, another thing I love about the song is the vibrant percussion which reminds me of the great Curtis Mayfield... 'Mechanical Wonder' was released April 2001 and reached #7 in the UK album charts. Their last major label release and their last Top 10 record to date. Personal highlights include Up On The Downsise, Sail On My Boat, Give Me A Letter, Mechanical Wonder, and Can't Get Back To The Baseline. Overall rating: 6.5/10. Not a great album, not a bad one either but some major highlights...

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