Friday, 12 September 2014

REWIND: DJ Dick - 'Weekend'

I did feel like I was teasing myself when I played this week's Friday Banger at the beginning of the week on Monday night's RW/FF Radio, when the weekend seemed quite a distance away. Now it is here, and quite literally too. This rave classic from DJ Dick was released back in 1991 on Low Spirit Records, a label that the German DJ (real name Fabian Lenz) founded with together with his brother Maximilian Lenz (aka DJ Westbam), producer Klaus Jankuhn, Sandra Molzahn and William Röttger. Lenz was working as a DJ since 1984 but rarely released any music after the late 90s, concentrating on being a music events promoter instead.

All of the weekly Friday Bangers can be heard on this Spotify playlist below... 'Weekend' isn't on Spotify yet.